Leadership and Sales Management Development

Ensure that your leaders are inspiring and motivating their teams.

The #1 reason people leave a company is their manager. Employees will work long hours and accept below-market pay, but they will not accept following a leader they do not believe in or a manager they do not trust.

For a company to be successful, it needs leaders that can inspire and motivate their teams. Successful leaders can increase the production from their teams and decrease employee churn and onboarding expenses. Making it essential for leaders to develop the ability to inspire, coach, train, and retain employees while uncovering each individual’s natural leadership style while incorporating the benefits from other leadership methodologies.

Develop leaders who can inspire, coach, train, and retain employees while uncovering each individual’s natural leadership style and incorporating the strengths of other leadership methodologies.

SUCCESS STORYFinancial Services

Significant drop in revenue, low customer service scores, and low employee satisfaction scores

A training program was designed and implemented to improve the company’s unique sales, customer service, and employee morale issues

A new Regional Manager (RM) at one of the largest banks in the U.S. took over a struggling team of 15 Branch Managers. Year-to-date, their sales performance was down 5%, and employee satisfaction scores had dropped by 10% from the prior year. In addition, half of the team suffered from low morale as their locations were short-staffed, and other locations would not help, which caused them to have resentment and feel that upper management didn’t care about them or their front-line teammates.


Through our coaching and training, we helped the R.M. improve their leadership style and enhanced the R.M.’s ability to inspire their team and strengthen its morale. We then lead the R.M. to focus on finding opportunities to celebrate success with each of their teams. By doing this, they helped the Branch Managers see the positives work of their front-line sales team. We then focused on techniques to positively motivate the R.M.’s Branch Managers to build stronger bonds, remove the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, and work as one team. This led to the Branch Managers being open to sharing their team members with short-staffed locations with the confidence that their actions would be reciprocated, lowering their feeling of being overworked. We then developed the R.M.’s ability to coach and train the front line during branch visits improving the front line sales team’s confidence and appreciation levels.



Increase In Employee Satisfaction


Increase In Sales Performance

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